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There are countless elements that make you, uniquely you. And we love helping you express your identity through our custom-made service. It’s all about helping you create a truly personal home that matches your style, budget, and the way you live. More than 80% of our collection comes in a range of colours, materials and finishes for you to choose from, and our upholstered items can even be made it in your own fabric.


Your freedom of expression is also found in our range of fabrics and leathers. Choose from a variety of hues and finishes. So send us your ideas, sketches or photos of what you're after and together, you can design your own sofa, table, chair, bed, and storage solution.

Custom Made

Customise your living space


When you browse through our collection, you might fall in love with a design it’s exactly what you had in mind. Or, you might be crazy about the look, but it’s not quite right for your needs. That’s when you need to know that we can make custom pieces of furniture tailored exactly to your needs and taste. We want to help you in creating personal furniture that fits your lifestyle and reflects your personality.

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